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My title may say Business Broker, but to me helping people buy and sell businesses is about making my community a better place for my family, friends, and future generations. I believe this whole heartedly because small business owners are the epitome of the great American tradition of self-determination and when I help someone buy or sell a business I have helped keep that self-determination alive.

So, from sun up to sun down I endeavor to execute my role as a Business Broker with integrity, persistence, and a passion for knowledge. I do this because I owe my success to the work of others and its my responsibility to continue their work.

At times integrity is not convenient or what you want to hear, but I assure you to the best of my knowledge it is the best course of action. My mother instilled this quality in me and it has served me time and again. In business brokering integrity is paramount because my service is to you. You need to know that when you work with me that my name is attached to that commitment and it matters to me personally that that name carry the weight of integrity.

Persistence alone is omnipotent. No one knows this better than the small business owner. You have poured your blood, sweat, tears, and years into this business. You should expect no less from me. I commit to making sure that the service you receive is par excellent. This means seeing it through to the end, and even following up after to review the service.

Selling a business is both an art and a science found somewhere in the wild west of business. It is an art because each Business Broker expresses who they are in their work. It is a science though because a great broker must reach selflessly for truth and objectivity. The harmonization of both the art and science though is found through passion. My passion for business brokering is inspired by giving back to those that have made me possible and inspiring those to come. This passion leads me to constant development of my talents in order to better serve you and this wonderful community we call home.

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